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Barbara Shead (DHP) MAPHP, MIBWRT (A.P) CNHC

I am a fully insured Level 3 Advanced Practitioner of BWRT® , Supervisor/Assessor, elected Secretary of the BBRS (British Brainworking Research Society),  Advanced Practitioner of Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst.

I also hold the title of Nutritional Therapist (Dip) BANT CNHC so am in the position of being able to advise on all aspects of nutritional health, these qualifications may better enable me to help my clients to maintain and regain optimal health and well-being.

I have many successful years of experience helping people change their lives, through addressing and removing unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.

I was fortunate to have trained at The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis under the tutorage of the well respected hypnotherapist, lecturer, author and creator of BWRT® Terence Watts who has the approval of the Secretary of State to use the title Institute being eminent in the field of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

I was one of the first hypnotherapists to train in BWRT® in 2013 and since that date have carried out thousands of BWRT® consultations and am thoroughly enamoured with this ground breaking therapy, so much so that I then went on to be one of the first to train as a Level 2 Advanced Practitioner in May and  as a Level 3 Practitioner in January 2017, dealing with  psychological aspects of physical illness.

In May 2017 I became a BWRT Transformational Coach helping people with Weight management, Personal and Business Goals.

Since May 2016 I have been a mentor/Supervisor of BWRT®. (Level 2 BWRT® is a four stage therapy enabling lasting change for more resistant conditions such as addictions, obsessions, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, eating and alcohol disorders and more….)

I work from two clinics in Thorpe Bay VHealth a multi-disciplinary complementary health clinic, and also at DW Fitness (formerly L A Fitness) in GB Physical Therapies.  I offer a confidential, non-judgmental and professional service for clients.

Ample parking is provided at both clinics and  are within 5-10 walk from Thorpe Bay Station on the London Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness train line with regular bus services to both venues. Both clinics are ideal for wheelchair accessibility with disabled access, the clinic rooms being on the ground floor. With Disabled Parking.




The thought of driving anywhere different used to make me very anxious…

To the point where I would refuse point blank to drive anywhere other than around my home town. When my grandchildren came along I really missed not being able to take them to fun places like the zoo etc because of my fear of driving.

I went along to see Barbara Shead for BWRT explaining to her my fears and worries. I now find I have lost all my fears. Driving no longer makes me anxious. I have since driven to Devon Northamptonshire, Kent, and my grandchildren have had some fantastic days out.

Diane, Southend