BWRT Coaching


The BWRT® Coaching programme is an exciting and dynamic methodology combining BWRT® and parts therapy in the form of Warriors, Settlers & Nomads and the unique SymbioDynamics® goal-achevement system. This combination allows the resolution of hidden conflicts in the human psyche which may be hindering your goals in business, personal or weight loss, allowing you to achieve your goals, from individuals to corporations. For weight loss see below.

It’s astoundingly fast and powerful.

Weight Loss Programme

I use my combined skills as an Advanced BWRT® Practitioner/Psychotherapist/and Registered Nutritional Therapist to help you on your weight loss journey.

BWRT® TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING An amazing, powerful tailored coaching programme using BWRT® in association with other equally effective therapies, the combination of which aims to seek out and resolve hidden conflicts and triggers which may be hindering your weight loss journey.  This coaching programme enables me to combine and enhance my skills as a BWRT Advanced Practitioner/Psychotherapist along with my experience and competence as a Nutritional Therapist, although they do not fall under the typical Nutritional Therapy skills.  As this is a tailored programme session numbers may vary but typically would be in the region of 6-8 sessions.      Sessions include:

  • Assessment of Goals,
  • Seeking to resolve any emotions, restrictions, negativity, conflicts and triggers,
  • Motivation and Motivational Tasks
  • Full Nutritional Programme, guidance given including help implementing such advice.  Healthy eating plan where you take control.

I have found this to be a truly effective way of finding and resolving those triggers, motivating you to become the person you really want to be!

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